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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

'My vulva is my princess'

I believe it is really important for people to have the freedom, space and choice to express why they value their bodies in a way that is free of unjustifiable moralizing and outside of other peoples personal ideas of absolute 'rightness'. It is through the support of these kinds of dialogues that we open ourselves to learning about the different spectrums of choice, and open our eyes to the endless possibilities in which we can experience our bodies in a way we feel safe doing so. Her/his/their/sie/hir/ey/zie or how ever you choose to identify, having the ability to claim ownership of your body, I believe, is the first step in creating more body positive internal and external dialogues. A primary value that crochet vulvas stand to represent. They are a tool that welcome people to share why they wear their vulva and what their vulva means to them as a way of facilitating conversations around that value. It is not easy to share stories that put us in a position of vulnerability, so I have to warmly thank this wonderful woman for sharing!

"Because I am proud of my vulva,
and I think that society tried to make women ashamed of it.
But not I! I think she is pretty and is a crucial part of who I am.