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Monday, 20 February 2017

The STI Series!

Centered between two lines text reads, sexually transmitted infections. The background image is a faded image of 6 crochet genitalia of different colours with varying representations of STI symptoms. Vulva Is.

I started doing sexual health education with other teens when I was 15 and in high school. When I got into doing workshops I found there weren't many visual resources available to talk about sexually transmitted infections (STI), other than the most exaggerated, fake or graphic images.

Having images that aren't fear mongering or body shaming are important tools of engagement to start/continue conversations about health. So after many days of researching, looking at images, and talking to people about genitals and STI's I've got this growing series of genitals with felted, beaded and embroidered representations of STI symptoms. This genital series aims to 
share information about the signs and symptoms of STIs (and lack thereof) so we can recognize them to be able to minimize STI transmission and/or the chances of getting one. So for the next little bit I'll be posting STI specific health things, starting with some biomedical info - which is one way to have conversations about health.

I'm so down for collabos on STI health and management, chats, questions & comments so get at me, yeah?